After a long journey across many different servers spending time and effort, building your story with great structures such as a greek parthenon, terraforming islands and mountains that rub the sky through exhaustive methods, designing enormous farms for an efficient harvest, getting equipment with an almost perfect work which require herculean aptitudes, making lots of sacrifices and priorities in order to make yourself a name in the battlefield; you were defeated by a weak person who uses forbidden techniques in order to compensate his lack of skill and power, aptitudes which he would never reach. You were also defeated by a rich aristocrat who obtained an equipment with money which can’t be obtained by anyone else. Or maybe it was a god who used his rank to make your life impossible because of the jealousy after seeing the good results you obtained by blood, sweat and tears…

It is normal that after all your mind and your heart ask: Even when?
That’s why you came to us. We are the only ones capable of cutting off these injustices in a world where the nepotism is more rewarded than hard work. We would die proudly and honorably before giving up in this mission, a mission you asked to be accomplished. We ask you to complete the following form in the most detailed way you can, so we can make the rays of Beneberak and Boanerges’s thunder destroy them.