Formation program

Beneberak is a community with the aim of combating depression through the individual and collective formation of a determined, conscious and disciplined character who finds pleasure in work. To do this, firstly, we enhance the self-esteem of the individual in a healthy environment of fun, work and good influence, and then organize, instruct and mobilize the special operational groups that perform missions within the game on the different servers that we choose in Minecraft.

The skills learned in this way in a virtual environment are extrapolated to the real world by the presence of similar patterns of behavior between Minecraft and reality fostering honesty, hard work, creativity, continued need for growth and improvement, proper language, patience, humility to learn from all, generosity, cooperation, kindness, commitment, loyalty, communication skills, peacemaking, availability, responsibility, organization and self-control ability.

We aim to form a healing community that favors the abandonment of destructive habits that have as their origin or consequence the depression. We intend to use all that we are passionate about (Computational Sciences and Medicine) as tools that guide and promote a healthy lifestyle physiologically and psychologically, are a pillar for people with some kind of disorder, help in the election of a future career and the mental stabilization of the individual and the family so that they become interdependent beings or, as we understand, happy.

“A slave’s life is all you understand, you know nothing of freedom. For if you did, you would have encouraged us to fight on, not only with our spear, but with everything we have.”

Spartan proverb


If you think you need something that gives more sense to your life, help others by helping yourself first. Courage, there is hope!

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