How to use Habitica

Habitica is a very useful application to obtain necessary habits in your life, for a better organization and to become a more productive person, using simple methods like playing a role-play game where you control a character you develop. If you need the motivation to start something new and to be perseverant in it, then this is your article.

After you remove the Habits, Daily and Pendings by default, you can begin your adventure in Habitica by doing three simple steps.


First, add some tasks. You can add more later, as they occur to you.

  • Add those tasks you do once or rarely in the Pendings column, one by one.
  • The activities that you do daily or on some specific day add them in the Daily column. Click the pencil icon for each item to select the days for when you will do it.
  • Add the habits that you want to establish in the Habits column. Edit each habit to determine it as a good habit (+) or bad habit (-).
  • Personal “rewards” activities that you want to use as a motivation or that you want to allow in moderation can be added to the rewards column.

Bonus: If you lack inspiration, review Habits, Daily , Pendings and Rewards by default.


When completing your assignments you will earn experience points (PE) which will help you level up, as well as gold coins (GP) that will help you to buy Rewards. If you fall into some bad habit or failure to complete your Daily activities you will lose health points (HP). In that sense, the experience and health bars in Habitica will serve as a fun indicator of your progress toward your goals.


Once you are familiar with the basics you can get more out of Habitica with these great features:

  • Organize your tasks with Tags and Lists.
  • Customize your Avatar (using the user menu).
  • Purchase and change your equipment.
  • Choose a class (upon reaching Level 10) and use specific skills for her (Levels 11 to 14).
  • Connect with other users in the Tavern, a Group, Guilds or participate in a Challenge.
  • Collect pets collecting eggs and hatching potions. Feed them to create Mounts.
  • Defeat monsters and accumulate objects in Missions.
  • Enjoy your stay in the Habitica world!

A tutorial about how to quickly use Habitica (click me)