How to flirt at a GOD-like level

The couple, according to my point of view, it has a very clear purpose: procreate and give support, both for the parents as to the children. It is a refuge, a source of stability at a personal level, as well as at society level.


To have families where the love is primal means a loving society. Peace and not war.

The most suitable synonym that I have found for the word “love” is sacrifice. A renunciation of the self by the person next to you. A renunciation of the things that are not worth it, what doesn’t develop you as a person but rather destroys you.

Therefore, and as a conclusion to this paragraph, Our main objective is to achieve the capacity for mutual growth by “watering” that love that grows more every day.

It is something progressive.

Love is like building a house: a project (of life). You’ll need to first decide to make a house, collect materials of high quality, consult a good architect… You’ll need solid foundations on which to base your structure, something that really resist the storms. “Those foundations” transferred to love represent a mutual desire to unite the efforts of both to build things well, although sometimes I can go slow (slow but safe).

You need to know if the person you decide to start a project with is someone serious, someone who won’t leave you when things go wrong, someone who even enjoys the obstacles of life because she / he knows that it only have one sense: walk forward and learn from it, always getting up. You need a determined person who really does what she / he says (control her resume). A person who loves you.

It’s worth more better alone than in bad company (The Celestina II 123)

Therefore, dear n00b (rookie):

  • Don’t rush choosing partner.
  • Don’t go out the on weekend to “making out” because that destabilizes you psychologically and it willn’t allow you in the future to create a relationship of trust because you won’t control yourself betraying in this way the trust of the person next to you. And if you both think you can do what you want while you talk about it before, then you aren’t creating a house but a hostess club. I would dare to say that then the shelter you were looking for won’t be there. You won’t have protection. You will be vulnerable. Do you want to lose or what? 😀
  • Learn to control yourself… not because you like it, it means that it’s good. Life isn’t disgusting, it’s composed of accidents and decisions. Your accidents will allow you to be a stronger person and your decisions have to be as wise as possible so that you don’t “cut your only branch that holds you” and then cry for it. Be mature!
  • Don’t allow any type of abuse. Let me repeat it: DO NOT ALLOW ANY TYPE OF ABUSE. It’s possible not to be right but it can be very different how the person next to you makes you see it. No matters if you are male or female, don’t let ANYONE disrespect you verbally, physically, mentally or even spiritually. You are as valuable as the universe, you have an infinite value. Don’t waste yourself, please.
  • Use the time of engagement to decide if that person is really worth it and if not leave it. But do it gently, don’t hurt.
  • Develop your honesty, don’t pretend to be who you aren’t. You will lose time. But don’t understand this as an excuse to stop improving.
  • If you want to climb a tree and you can’t, it’s because you haven’t developed your climbing skills. In other words, don’t expect to be admired by someone who take cares of himself if you don’t take care of yourself.
  • For me what is really sexy is what is truly sexy.
  • Socialize.

See you next day and be loved very strongly. 😛


How to make good friends

Do you feel very lonely? Do you need people who influence you positively? Do you want support in the bad times from people who understand you? It looks like commercial advertising… hahaha.


Well, so to make good friends… you can’t. Friends aren’t created or destroyed 😀 Or don’t you remember this article of the last weeks? Friends aren’t made, they are found.

Each person is responsible in a more or less conscious way for the type of person they will become. It’s all round about “those good decisions at critical moments”. Those decisions that change the course of your life or keep the one you already have. Why do I say this? Because people will be what they want to become, what they work for. You can’t force anyone and even more to perform a job as complex and serious such as improving it’s character. You already have enough with yours!

As if it were a professional category, those people who are hardworking and focused on personal growth will always tend to meet. Well, and not just those people. Normally, and to put it simply, you attract what you are since you recognize similar patterns of behavior and feel identified. Doctors with doctors, engineers with engineers, etc.

OKAY. Understood. It’s true, it’s true… friends aren’t created or destroyed…

Well, since I have clarified this I would like to share another “trick of life” that I’ve observed so according to the people you meet, careful! and this is pretty obvious, you will tend to be like those people. There isn’t non-influenciable person. Those who think themselves invincible are stupid because they’re like blind people. And abruptly changing the subject: “it’s not like you need to have many accidents, with one is enough”.

Therefore, and to sum up, to find good friends you have to turn yourself into that good friend as well. And this is especially useful for the time when your friendships aren’t the “best” in the world. In fact, they throw you down . What should you do? Avoid them. It sounds disastrous, but remember that your life isn’t theirs one. To work on oneself changing to better your way of being is very difficult, something that doesn’t even make you feel like you have to do it. But believe me, these things are the kind of “important decisions at critical moments” I was talking about earlier. Surround yourself with people that inspire you to be a better person: an infallible way is trying to help others. Do it!

How to overcome laziness

You’re comfortably seated on your sofa or on your big armchair after a day of… doing nothing… Furthermore, not only you feel tired but you’re full with boredom since you have lost your true motivation in that moment of your life. You feel that life is escaping you again but you do not care very much either… 


Wake up! You know very well that you’re not being proactive and without needing to understand why, you’re plunging back into that vicious circle of “every time, things matter to me less”.

The unwillingness to do things influence the activities you have to do for that day, but not only that, they are also the result of the actions you took in the past. That is to say, you’ll be lazy because you are now and you’re now because you were before.

You created a tendency that makes you feel useless and is isolating you little by little. It’s taking you away from what it is to truly live, in short, you’re getting depressed. We’re not talking about a depression caused genetically but rather of unhygienic mental habits in which we fall daily.

And that’s exactly what it’s about: falling. Well, rather to getting up despite the falls.

Being loyal to the title and for not to over extend more, we will present here a powerful and very simple way to break that bad habit. I encourage you to also have a specialist since the causes of your “laziness-depression” could have very bad consequences if isn’t treated early and is ignored as usual. As if only the physical part matters and not the mental part, “as if a computer would work only by it’s hardware and did not have software“.

Be responsible for your actions, your daily decisions changes your life. Although it seems that they don’t have much influence, all the decisions you make “paint a picture” marking your real destiny.

Don’t forget that your laziness could also be due to a bad rest and a bad diet that takes away from you the desire to work. If you don’t have the right fuel, it’s normal that you can’t do anything. Take a look at “Rest“, “Nutrition” and “Sport“.

Magic formula that has its effectiveness only if you do it when you read it the first time (NOW!):

“Get up right now from where you are, wash your face, drink some water, eat if you’re hungry, stretch a bit, take a deep breath, make your bed and you’re ready to take on more complex problems”. Have you realized what I have done?

Start with something as simple as getting up just when you realize you’re doing the lazy and once you get up do immediately another simple action like washing your face or making the bed and you’ll have the day at your feet.

Through a small decision you have changed your day, your week, your month, your life and the lives of the people around you. You’re making a better world, congratulations!


What does being interdependent mean?

Easy peasy! “Inter-” means between and “-dependent” well, you rely on something or someone to, for example, survive.

Easy, no? Well, everything is already said… The problem of defining it so quickly is that we don’t investigate the practical applications that it has… and since I’m becoming more and more pragmatic (“that thinks or acts giving priority or great importance to practical considerations“) obviously I’m going to have to explain what I learned from this.

Why is it important for me that word being understood? Because I think that is the basis of how to take better care physically and mentally, at an individual level and in relation to the world and the people around us. It also has a spiritual application: a way to be strong in daily life but without being cruel.

For me interdependence is something as simple as two nations that both are working equally and actively developing, have decided to join in an alliance to be more powerful defending each other in case of attack. There is no weak or stronger part but equal.

Reduced at the individual level means that you as a person don’t try to have a relationship with another person who is not at your level. Help, assist, understand, encourage… It can and must be done with all those within our reach. We must be the shield of the weak! But an “alliance” in a deeper plane of a couple should only be done with someone who really has something to contribute to our lives by being people who have developed as we and give us that protection that we also provide reciprocally.

Something like a Spartan phalanx: our shield protects the partner and the shield of the partner protects our own body. The individuals are strong alone but very strong together because they fit, they are compatible.

From here, in what I consider to be my opinion, several conclusions could be reached:

  • I must be an individual who first takes care of himself to later be able to contribute to the others health, especially on an intimate level.
    1. Healthy body and balanced mind: feeding, sport, rest, study …
    2. Meek character (and not soft): development of the capacity to understand that we don’t need to magnify ourselves to be really great but rather to serve in the morally correct and not to fear rejecting what threatens our conscience and life.
  • Everything I decide has a constructive purpose. My real pleasure is in building what is really going to last.
  • Since I am so busy improving myself to being able to give others real support with my words and actions, I know that striving to give the best version of me is what I’m passionate about tremendously and I will find someone like me simply because my decisions will end up placing me in a similar environment. Something like when we say that “love comes alone.”
  • The present world with its cruelty and evil supposes for me a place of training to obtain a better character in terms of patience, tolerance and kindness.
  • I don’t fear being honest, my authenticity relaxes me and I don’t change it for anything. I don’t pretend to be what I’m not and that is truly liberating.
  • I use the observations of others towards me as a source of wisdom. I like that they help me to improve and I try the same thing equally.

Only when we understand interdependence we would have a cooperative society and really busy in development. Unfortunately, we don’t have at a general level that desired peace, we are in war! Get ready.


The greatness of humility



“And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.”


The humility it is found in a large ocean of quiet water that flows in the depth. In the deep lies self esteem. At the beginning, going into the ocean is like traveling to an unknown area of immense darkness. But, as well as exploring can lead to discover buried treasures, in the search you can find buried jewels. And the jewel that is buried in the deepest, the one that shines and gives more light is the humility. His rays penetrate the darkest moments. Eliminate fear, the insecurity and opens the person to universal truths.

Be an instrument

Humility is to accept natural principles that can not be controlled. All we have, from the body with which we were born to the most precious possessions, they are received as a gift. Therefore, it becomes a moral imperative to use these resources in a valuable and benevolent way. The awareness of being an instrument of such unlimited and timeless resources touches the essence of the human soul and wakes her up to realize that, just as at the time of birth those resources were inherited, at the time of death they will have to leave.

The awareness of being an instrument raises self-esteem and enhances the multiple different relationships found throughout life. It takes you to a state of silent reflection, inviting you to take some time for yourself and to look at life from a different perspective. The recognition of being an instrument makes the person seek renewal of relationships with others and the self.

Eliminate the “I” and the “mine”

Humility is letting go and letting be. The stone of conflict lies in the consciousness of “me” and “mine” and the possessiveness: of a role, an activity, an object, a person, even the body. Paradoxically, this consciousness makes you lose what you want to hold on to and, especially, makes him lose the most significant, the universal values that give value and meaning to life. Humility eliminates possessiveness and the limited vision that creates physical, intellectual and emotional limits. These limitations destroy self-esteem and build walls of arrogance and pride that distance people. Humility acts gently on the fissures, allowing the approach.

Everyone do “reverence” before a person who possesses the virtue of humility, since all revere themselves before those who have reverenced themselves first. So, the sign of greatness is humility. Humility allows the person to be trustworthy, flexible and adaptable. To the extent that one becomes humble, acquires greatness in the heart of others. Whoever is the personification of humility will make the effort to listen and accept others. The more you accept others, will be valued more and will be heard more. Humility automatically makes one worthy of praise.

The call to serve

Success in serving others comes from humility. The greater the humility, the greater the achievement. There can be no benefit to the world without humility. The service is carried out in the best way when we consider ourselves an instrument and when we take the first step to accept another that is different.

A humble person can adapt to all environments, by strange or negative that these are. There will be humility in attitude, in the vision, in words and relationships. The humble person will never say: “I did not mean to say it, but the words simply came up”. According to the attitude, this will be the vision; depending on the vision, the words will reflect that and the three aspects combined will ensure the quality of the interactions. The mere presence of a humble person creates an attractive environment, cordial and comfortable. His words are full of essence, power and expresses them with good manners. A humble person can make another person’s anger disappear with a few words. A word spoken with humility has the meaning of a thousand words.

In the high tides of human interrelations, humility is the beacon of light that emits signals about what awaits us in the distance. To capture these signals, the screen of the mind and intellect must be clean. Humility provides the ability to perceive situations, discern the causes of obstacles and difficulties as well as remain silent. When one must express an opinion, one does so with an open mind and with the recognition of the particularities, strength and sensitivity of others and oneself.

“To overcome vanity begin by overcoming the desire to show your humility.”


How to understand and be interested in life

I don’t know exactly where this question came from but I guess it was from everything that surrounds me. Yes, exactly what you read. My eternal question was always what life is and why. For me, understanding this concept could help me obtain a will and an iron motivation. Why do I say this? Because if I discover that the fact that it exists is for a purpose greater than what I observe superficially then I will have discovered the mission for my life (and what I want and what I don’t want to do), but if I discover that there is no such special meaning then I will get peace because I will not be running anymore after something that may not exist. Either way, the truth (and these are not my words) it frees you. I do not have a total understanding, but for now it is very clear that my mission is to discover the truth. As I discover that truth, I will correct what I could now have misunderstood.


Without using theories or explanations of others I will try to give my own vision of life (which may be wrong or at least slightly crooked) based on the observation of nature, so take from this the good part you agree with and what seems strange to you and you do not understand, discard it.

I have some of this clear, understanding for me is to connect. And to connect you must find something in common that have two or more different things (different because in the end it is about learning new things and understanding more and more of everything that covers our existence). Like when you use glue to glue paper to, for example, a wooden surface: they are different things that you put together but they are together because the two share the same thing, the glue.


It is not my intention to make you suffer with this article by reading this paragraph, so next I’m going to list the way I connect things to each other and try to understand what my existence entails:

  1. Choose one thing that you really like. Videogames, books, activities, food… whatever… It will be important to be able to motivate yourself to take the next step.
  2. Get a deep understanding of what you have chosen. Study, practice and try to get the most experience, make it part of you… get to understand the mechanism of how it works at a “molecular” level. You have to do a very serious investigation for this, where planning will be the base of your actions.
  3. Compare what you have learned and find patterns. Try to compare everything you find new with the model already created in your head of what you already know. As you come into contact with new things they will need to be sorted, and understand what place they have in their particular operating mechanism. For example, if I’m an expert archer, and I start doing athletics (running) I have to understand that there is a certain equivalence between pulling the bowstring backwards to be able to shoot the arrow and the position that the runner adopts at the beginning of the race and then be able to get out as quickly as possible towards the finish line.
  4. Apply what you have learned. Having become used to finding patterns, you will be able to learn new things very easily by finding their equivalence with your mental scheme already prepared and improved in the area of choice in the step 1.

In this way, there are no longer difficult tasks, only complicated. And the complicated is made up of simple things, just like a wall has bricks or that air is made up of different gases. Learn to understand what role that brick has or that gas and possibly together we can find behind all this a great truth.


How to have a proactive attitude


We all have dreams, plans and expectations. Nevertheless, its application will depend to a great extent on the attitude you take in life. Certainly, being proactive does not guarantee success, but passivity guarantees failure. These are some tips to help you produce and to take a proactive attitude towards the challenges.
Do not bet on passivity. React and adopt a proactive attitude. Do not let things just happen, get involved. Therefore, almost any event will be as you have decided. You can see where life takes you and be surprised by the results, or you can consciously choose to build the reality in which you want to live.
Turn these ideas into action. Adopting a proactive approach is putting thoughts into action. I’m brave and I dare to fight for what I want and in addition, if I am successful, the profit will be huge.

Take a flexible attitude. The world around us is in constant movement and as a proactive person you must adapt to change. To experience this feeling, try to do something different every day. Observe how you react and how those around you react. Learn to enjoy the variety of life and do not be afraid of anything.

Take risks, in this life nothing is easy. Each person is different and we have capacities that can vary in certain circumstances, so try to be willing to take some risk and avoid other ones. Do not forget that if you want to be proactive, you must risk to win. If you made a mistake, don’t complain, this will serve to improve a little more each day.

Try to be creative in any situation, in this way you will see that the problems are solved more easily. If your goal is to become a proactive person, then you have to challenge your imagination and allow your creativity to grow. Generate ideas and strategies to solve the difficulties that arise.

Behave always well with others! Even if you have a bad day, do not forget to be friendly. Always respect others. The adoption of this attitude will be very beneficial for proactivity. Remember that being proactive does not mean being rude or arrogant. Concentrate on using the resources you have in the best possible way and thus you will increase your self-esteem to achieve everything you want. Do not be discouraged if you stumble, get up again; perseverance is the key.

It is said that a true warrior is not the one who never loses, but the one that always returns to the battle.