How to say thank you

To some it may seem a banality to learn how to say thank you, but this is one of the most important skills in the art of building interhuman relationships. Let us seek to thank those around us whenever we can.


Four keys to thank effectively:

  1. Give thanks in a clear way: Speaking clearly you do not allow any doubt that you are sincerely thanking. Do it cheerfully. If others hear you, the effect is even more powerful.
  2. Look and touch the person: Look to someone in the eyes helps to convince you of your sincerity, and touching his/her elbow slightly will remember your gratitude for a longer time.
  3. Pronounces his name: Customize your “thank you”. Saying “thank you, Ruben” has a better effect than a “thank you”
  4. Send a note: According to the situation, is the most effective way to thank. A “thank you” face-to-face is in second place followed by doing it on a phone call; and a written message is better than silence.

Let’s be honest when we thank something. Let’s make that person feel that the “thanks” are sincere. If they are not, body language will betray us. Let us become messengers of the “thank you”. Let’s look for reasons to thank for things that are not obvious.


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